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Welcome to Pingyao!
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Pingyao Transportation

Although Pingyao is small, but because it is away from provincial capital Taiyuan near, transportation and so on railroad, road is extremely convenient. Tong-Pu Railroad goes through vertically the Pingyao north and south, transports the road to interlock but the line greatly, connected with places such as old city Pingyao and Taiyuan, Linfen, Yuncheng.

External traffic

The Pingyao train station is located the Zhongdu road. Rides in a carriage from the Pingyao train station, may reach places such as Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang to the north, to the south may to places such as Linfen, Yuncheng. In addition, because Pingyao is away from Taiyuan near, TakeTaiyuan as transportation key position then may arrive the nation each to the big, the middle city.

The highway greatly transport, west the outer ring road, south the outer ring road and so on the multi- strip road make the Pingyao old city modern highway traffic unblocks is quite unimpeded. The Pingyao long-distance station is located nearby the train station. An average every 20 minutes bus service sends out Taiyuan from Pingyao; An every half hour bus service sends out the jiexiu. In addition, also can arrive Yuci, Wen-Shui from the Pingyao long-distance passenger depot and so on the peripheral suburban counties.

Internal transportation

In the Pingyao city has a bus line, spring, summer operation time for early 7 o'clock to late 8 and half o'clock, Antamun, winter operation time for early 7 o'clock to late 6 and half o'clock. The bus line surrounded the Pingyao old city, the association has passed in the county each scenic spot, facilitated extremely goes to travel.

In the Pingyao city has 100 taxi, including the surface, Xia Li, Sangtana and so on the many kinds of vehicle types, is convenient, quickly.

Manpower three turns
In the Pingyao city manpower three turns of quantities multitudinous, the tour old city, rides the unification in the style of antiquity decoration the manpower three turn to look at along the way sight, is satisfied extremely. The manpower tricycle starting price is each people 2 to 5 Yuan, the starting price basic course is two kilometers.

Storage battery car
In the Pingyao city has more than 40 tours to use the storage battery car, peacefully has nothing the pollution, conforms to the city environmental protection requirement. The connection ticket necessary city entire journey serves 75 Yuan/Coach number; The city single scenic spot traveling serves 30/The coach number, adds a scenic spot to add separately 10 Yuan every time; Hour traveling service (Yuan/The coach number) 30 Yuan 2 hours, the ultra 1 hour adds separately 10 Yuan; The chartered car traveling serves each vehicle every day 120 Yuan (8 hours).

In the city also has the certain quantity the motorcycle to be possible to supply to ride, the starting price is 2 Yuan, the starting price basic course is two kilometers, the travel surpasses two kilometers rent amounts to discuss in person.

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