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Welcome to Pingyao!
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Pingyao Shopping

The special product in Pingyao

>>Buffed lacquer
The buffed lacquer of Pingyao county, history is long, push away to only paint the craft and basically form the local characteristic in the Tang Dynasty, already had considerable scale by Ming and Qing Dynasties, has begun to export to countries such as Great Britain, Russia, etc.. The buffed lacquer craft is exquisite, expect more than about 30 processes of finished product from choosing, it is time consuming and relatively long, it is to utilize big peculiar paint in our country to mainly process the characteristic, after the dust hung on the exquisite wooden fetus, brush, scribble, dry in the shade, rub and push away, to eight, nine more, then palm Jiao fetches the sesame oil and pushes the light by hand, call push away all paint, paint in gold into colored drawing or pattern and then, carve dust carve fill out, craft of inlaying etc., produce a kind of pattern of birds and flowers, mountains and rivers, personage, pavilion and changeable line ornamentally, according to different specification varieties finally, mix with copper and make gadgets. The finished model is magnificent, multicoloured, tone simple and unsophisticated and refined smooth, lines is smooth, the lacquer painting is bright and clean, it is like the mirror to reflect the shadow, defend heat dampproofly, corrosion-resistant performance is different particularly. Before Qing Dynasty, the buffed lacquer paint in gold for the plain bottom, began to take gold lacquer device as the core clearly for the first time, create, increase paste paint layer, introduce gloss new craft middle period, since then, it is flat for distant buffed lacquer to form in order to rub, push away lacquer painting with paint in gold unique craft style that decorative painting combine together.

>>Changshan yam
Also called " cherish the Chinese yam ". The Changshan yam twines the herb perennially for one kind. "it is the herbal in legendary god of farming through "and " Compendium of Materia Medica ",etc. pharmacopoeia past dynasties regard it as nourish top grade all. It is long history of planting, best in quality, contain nutrient components such as abundant protein, calcium, magnesium, iron,etc. in medicine, have efficiency of nourishing of building up body, supporting the spleen, nourishing the stomach, is praised as " small ginseng of Chinese ".

>>The Liuhe Shut the safe pillow
The model is various and various in style, is the pure hand work; Penetrating and strong, the pillow contains quantitative medical herbs and helps the sleep, there is health care efficiency.

>>Cotton shoe
Pure hand work, ventilative, breathe in the sweat stronger, the texture is soft, can transform the foot into and take good care of effectively, and the design is various, fully manifest the folk handicraft level.

>>Dough model
Dough model in folk to call surface flower, as appearance gift, folk custom present in festival at the years old, etc., offers sacrifices to, joyous, ornamental keepsake or sign, it is a kind of extremely representative local culture by folkways and customs are long and accumulation.

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