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Welcome to Pingyao!
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Pingyao Overview

Pingyao have the name of Pingtao, Gutao in the ancient. It is the famous historical city. It is locate the middle of Shanxi province, south of the basin of Taiyuan, is apart from the provincial capital Taiyuan 94 kilometers. The geographic coordinate is the east longitude 11123 ' - 11428 ', north latitude 3639 ' - 3806 '. The entire area governs 2 cities 9 counties, the total area is 16,376 square kilometers. The Pingyao old city is within the boundaries of our country at present preserves the most complete Ming and Qing Dynasties county seat, is listed as the world inheritance by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Jinzhong area is the warm temperate zone continental monsoon climate, spring monsoon is dry, summer temperature is high, in the autumn have clear sky and fresh air, winter is relatively cold, throughout the year climate distinct, the diurnal temperature difference is big. When Qing Dynasty, Pingyao has the name of "small Beijing", because here has the powerful merchant to assume personal command, take the Rishengchang as the head eight big money shops, manages the remittance service understands the domestic 45 cities, even in US'S San Francisco, New York all may see Rishengchang , indicates its financial resource to be abundant.

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