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Welcome to Pingyao!
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Pingyao History

In the Western Zhou Dynasty, Pingyao is the possession of Bing state. Thereafter, The Cheng emperor of Zhou give the Tang to his brother of Shuyu, Shuyu change title of a reigning dynasty into the Jin Dynasty later, belong to the Jin Dynasty country. Shanxi in the Warring States Period, three parts to divide the Jin, Pingyao belong to Zhao contry. After Qin Shihuang unifies China, seal the country wastly, implements the system of prefectures and counties, put the flat pottery in the county, belong to too former prefecture. It put Western Han Dynasty by Beijing imperial tomb, in two county, it and can't last prefecture former too as county at the pottery flat. Belong to Wei at the time of the three countries, and the state has jurisdiction over the interconnected system, belong to the west river prefecture. Belong to too former country in the West Jin Dynasty. Will it be the first year of an era such as light such as beginning Northern Wei Dynasty (424), avoid military emperor open up postscript Dao name of the respected person too, change the Pingtao county to Pingyao county, belong to Taiyuan, And then transpose the border of the county of Jingling, abolish the Jingling county to enter Pingyao county at the same time. It is nine year (448) of Taiping of Zhen emperor, the Zhongdu county move to the Yuci county. The Pingyao county belong to east Wei, north Qi, north Zhou to control.
Sui turn on 3 years such as emperor(583), the waste prefecture sets up the state, belong to Jie state. Opened the emperor 16 years ago (596), put the Qingshi county. And it is abolished into the Pingyao county in two years (606 ). The daye three years (607), abolish the state sets up the prefecture, belong to the west river prefecture (change from the Jie state). The first year of YIning era (617), set up the Jiexiu prefecture at JIexiu, the Pingyao county change to belong to Jiexiu prefecture. The first year of Wude era of Tang dynasty, Change the Jiexiu prefecture to Jie state, belong to Jie state. First year of Zhenguan era ( 627 ), belong to Fen state. First year of Tianbao era (923 ), belong to Xihe prefecture ( change from ther Fen state). First year of Hanyuan era (758), belong to Fen state (change from the Xihe prefecture). In the period of five generation and ten countries, the first year of Tongguang era of Tang dynasty (923), and then ruled by Later Tang dynasty. The first year of Tainfu era of Jin dynasty, then ruled by Later Jin. The 12 tear of Tainfu era(958), then belong to Later Han, the first year of Guangshun era of Zhou dynasty(951), and then controlled by North Han. The early years of Northern Song Dynasty, still belong to north Han. Four year of Taiping (979), belong to Fen state. The first year of JIanyan era of south Song dynasty (1127), Jin die out north Song and it is ruled by Jin, still belong to Fen state. Had not changed in Yuan Dynasty. The 23rd year of Wanli era in Ming Dynasty (1595), Fen state became the office, the Pingytao belong to Fen atate office, belong to Shanxi province bear, announce policy enable department, set up southern Hebei dish stay this again. In Qing Dynasty the three year of Shunzhi's rign (1646), cut down southern Dao, would rather subordinate to Jiningdao, still belong to the office of Fen state.
The first year of an era of the Republic of China (1912), directly subordinate to the province after abolish the state. March of the 2nd year of the Republic of China (1913 ), the way while belonging to while having one between provinces and counties. The 3rd year of the Republic of China (1914 ) June, would rather belong to Ji ningdao (change from the Zhongludao). In April of the 16th year of the Republic of China (1927 ), abolished the Dao system, directly under the jurisdiction of the provincial government in Shanxi. On February 13 in the 27th year of the Republic of China (1938 ), the Japanese occupy Pingyao, the county town was occupied. The Japanese aggressor troop builds puppet regime. The 30th year of the Republic of China (1941), meet the needs of Anti-Japanese War, as the Tong-Pu railway as the border, implement north and south divide and rule, north border set up resist against Japan democratic government while being north of railway(have jurisdiction over with Pu-Tong railway and some district of Jiexiu, Fenyang, Xiaoyi county), belong to and administer in the commissioner's office of Taiyue.May of 1942, incorporate into eight prefectures of administrative office of the northwest of Shanxi, is led unifiedly by the southwest working committee of the Shanxi of the Communist Party of China actually. In September of the 34th year of the Republic of China (1945 ), the Pingyao county of the south border of the railway resisted against Japan in the democratic government and changed into a democratic government of Pingyao county, still belong to a prefecture in the district of high mountain very much. Lie between county belong to Lu roof beam administrative office seven prefectures administer while being flat. In August of 1948, the Pingyao county belonged to the center district of the Shanxi. In the same month, upgrade to the Pingyao city (at county level ) , belong to the third prefecture of administrative office in theShanxi with Pingyao counties in the area of Pingyao county. In October, the Pingjie county to cancel, the region belong to origin four county. February of 1949, Pingyao county, Pingyao city belong to three too former prefectures. On August 10, 1949, the Pingyao city cancelled, resumed thePingyao county Chenguan district. The Pingyao county belongs to the Yuci area (stay the Tai valley). Will it be September 6 1949, belong to elm times of district administrative supervisor prefectural commissioner's office (stay in Tai valley, will it be 28 day same month, move to the Yuci ). In August of 1950, belonged to the prefectural commissioner's office in district once of Yuci. In February of 1955, belonged to the prefectural commissioner's office of Yuci. November of 1958, belong to center of Jin. In September of 1968, belonged to the regional revolutionary committee. Belonged to the regional administrative office in the Jin Dynasty so far in May of 1978.

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