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Welcome to Pingyao!
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Pingyao Cuisine

As a part of Shanxi, Pingyao diet by wheaten food primarily as before. Hits Halogen noodle, the noodles with soybean paste, rubs the hands the fish and so on, The many type wheaten food of Shanxi can be able to taste in Pingyao, the flavor is also quite palatable. Evening comes on bowl of millet gruel, the elegant of the rice is ease, the nutrition is rich. Have many restaurants in the Ming and Qing Dynasties street in Pingyao city, can taste to the locality characteristic good food of Pingyao.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>The beef of Pingyao
Pingyao beef the prestige spreads far and wide which in the national carnivorous product, manufacture history is glorious, the processing craft is unique. Its end product pulp is fresh and tender, fat but is not greasy, thin but not firewood, fragrant and mellow delicious, the nutrition is rich. Has has not seen its meat, the rich fragrance greets the nostrils, witnessed its thing, the characteristic is the color is red, and the effect of holding the stomach and to be good for the spleen.

>>Wantuo of Pingyao
Wantuo of Pingyao is originate create by Dongxuan who is the Cook of Chengnan fort in the period of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, is apart from now to have more than 100 years history. When Guangxu 26 (in 1900), west Empress Dowager Cixi ran away Xi'an way Pingyao, after tasted this kind of food, was full of praise. Grants the generous recompense. Thereupon, the bowl gain the big praise, becomes one kind of place to eat. The manufacture method is sticks the wheat flour with the lukewarm water furnishing the shape, again performs the certain proportion the salt water, the aniseed water and the rapeseed oil, is thin after the thick accent abundantly enters in five inch small dish on the cage to steam about 15 minutes, after steams ripely coolly cuts. Pingyao's Wantuo has the cool tones, hotly fries two edible methods. After the cool tones are sliver the noodles shape to put in the human the vinegar, the crushed garlic, the sesame seed, the aniseed water, the hot pepper powder, the sesame oil and so on then. Edible when has one kind coolly, the delicate fragrance, the smooth delicious feeling. The heat will fry is fries in the wooden scoop to enter the ripe lard, after joins the onion garlic, will sliver the strip shape the bowl to pour into, adds the potato silk or the bean sprouts, again will add seasoning and so on aniseed water, soy sauce, vinegar. After fries ripely, the fragrance smell go to everywhere, is attractive mouth dripping with greed.

>>Bean curd brain
The flavor snack of Pingyao, by its economical, convenient palatable characteristic, the calendar several hundred years but does not fade, until now still deeply general populations' affection. The Pingyao bean curd brain have other characteristic, "makes gravy" by it grows perceptibly, make the good starch noodles, the soybean, the starch and each kind of seasoning boils the thick gravy to become. When sells, make the copper boiler base in the cage snare box, gets down sets the charcoal brazier by to keep warm. When food, in the pouring in the copper pot starch noodles, the soybean, the thick gravy, latter put the bucket brain bean curd into the bowel, really fresh and tender and delicious, the fragrance go to everywhere, the food nice and warm finishes the whole body to make one forget to go back.

>>Flavor dog's meat of Guanyun
Select for use meat raw materials by fresh informal voucher dog that quarantine strictly, adopt modern scientific and technological craft refined, the products color and luster is ruddy, organize finly and smoothly, pleasant to the palate, contain rich amount of many kinds of nutrition and mix with many kinds of Chinese medicinal materials again. Eat, can nourish blood, strong to invigorate the kidney while being overcast, warm stomach dispell the cold, make the blood to be plentiful, the one hundredth pulse seethes with excitement .

>>The smoked chicken of Guanyun
Adopt the chicken which with informal voucher that examine strictly as raw materials, mix with famous and precious Chinese medicinal materials pickle, cook, vaccum package, craft of sterilizing etc. process refined, the products color and luster is golden yellow, the model is perfect, the mouthfeel is tender, the silk floss is fragrant and delicious, contain a large number of human body indispensable amino acid, are high protein, low fat food.

>>Ox's waist
Use precise white flour refined, form look like waist of ox, thus come the name of ox waist, It is delicious and fragrant, crisp and fragrant and sweet, a kind of delicious pastry that can eat by 80 year old man, one of its characteristics is to preserve time long, can keep to put into the pot for more than two months, keep not going bad, losing flavour. A lot of Chinese and foreign visitor taste ox waist, praise again and again.

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